4 Qualities That You Will Enjoy With a Chargepoint EVSE Solution

Now that you’ve decided to make the leap to owning an electrical or a hybrid vehicle, it’s time to think about how you will keep it charged. The installation of the right type of charging station will make a difference. Customers in North America will find that the Chargepoint EVSE offers several benefits that make it worth considering. Here are some of the more attractive qualities that come with this choice.

A Smart Choice That Protects the Vehicle

One of the key qualities that helps to set this option apart from other chargers is how it can monitor activity and actually protect the car and the battery. For example, you will get alerts if a cable is not connected properly. If any type of hardware issue develops, the charger will indicate there’s a problem. This provides you with the chance to disconnect the charger before the issue can result in a fire.

Don’t overlook how this type of charger helps to protect the battery. Specifically, it will stop once a full charge is achieved. That helps to save on your power source while also reducing the risk of damage to the battery itself.

Faster Charging

The charging speed for this type of charger is among the best on the market today. That’s especially helpful if you tend to come and go throughout the day. Run your first errand, return home, and reconnect the charger. By the time you’re ready for the next errand, the battery may be at a full charge again.

Even if you mainly use the car to get to and from work, it’s nice to know that the charger will have it at full power by the time you’re ready to leave in the morning. Simple connect it when you arrive home in the evening, then go about your usual routine. When you’re ready to leave the following day, it will be with a fully-charged battery.

Qualifies for the Tax Credit

Both the United States and Canada are offering tax credits for those who choose to invest in electric or hybrid vehicles. That includes credits that have to do with the type of home charging equipment that selected. You’re likely to find that the Chargepoint EVSE charger meets the standards necessary to qualify for the credit.

Think of this as a great way to offset part of the cost of setting up a home charging system. Thanks to the tax credit, the initial investment will be offset sooner than you expected.

Designed to Last

As with any type of home energy charger, it’s important to have some idea of how long the equipment will last. The good news is that you’re likely to decide to buy a newer model vehicle before the charger wears out. That’s because they are designed to offer more than a decade of reliable use.

The Energy Star rating for the charger is based on more than efficiency. It also has to do with the longer projected life. For this reason alone, this charger is worth considering.

Remember that your goal is to get the most out of owning your new electric or hybrid vehicle. By opting for the best home charging system that you can, it will be all the easier to ensure the car is ready to go whenever you like.

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