How Do You Download & Save Videos From Twitter To Computer Without Using Any Software?

What is Twitter? Twitter is a micro-blogging site that allows you to broadcast short posts known as tweets. It is an online social media and social networking site that allows to communicate with others. But what does it fail to offer? Have you ever tried to download a video from Twitter? If yes, you know that downloading a media file from the Twitter platform is quite complicated. Therefore, you have to use another method to download your favorite videos from Twitter to your devices. 

How to download and save videos from Twitter to a computer? For that, you can use the Chrome Extension method, Telegram Bot method, and use of third-party online Twitter video downloaders. Now let’s see more details about the above-mentioned three methods. Here we go;

Use of Chrome Extension to download Twitter videos

If you like to download or save your favorite Twitter videos to your computer, you can use the Chrome Extension method. It helps to download tweets easily and quickly. Here is the step guide to downloading Twitter media files using the Chrome Extension. 

  • Navigate to the Chrome web store and search for a video downloader professional extension.
  • Select “Add to Chrome”, to install the extension on your Chrome browser.
  • Then open Twitter on your Chrome browser. Navigate to the video in your DM section which you want to download.
  • You can see a notification on the video downloader professional extension when you play the video.
  • Click on it. 
  • Then, the extension will allow downloading the video in different file sizes.
  • Finally, hit on your desired file and size and the video will be automatically downloaded. 

Download Twitter videos using Telegram Bot.

You can save and download Twitter videos without using any software or downloading any app when you use the Telegram Bot method. If you have a Telegram account that is the only thing you need to download tweets using the Telegram Bot. There is a bot on Telegram called a Twitter video downloader. It supports you in downloading all Twitter media files easily and quickly. Here is the step guide to downloading tweets using the Telegram bot on your computer. 

  • First, get the Twitter video downloader bot. 
  • After that, simply send the link to the tweet that contains the video. 
  • The bot automatically fetches the Twitter video. 
  • Then, you can save the video on your device.

Use of online Twitter Video downloaders

The third method to download Twitter videos to the computer is using an online Twitter video downloader. When using online Twitter media file downloaders you don’t need to install or download any app. What are the best online Twitter media file downloaders? They are sssTwitter, TWDOWN, Twitsave, Twitter Downloader, TWsaver, SaveTweetVid, etc. Let’s see more details about mentioned online Twitter video downloaders. 

sssTwitter is one of the best Twitter media file downloaders that lets you save tweets to mobiles or computers. It allows you to download high-resolution Twitter videos for free. Hence, you can download unlimited tweets from public accounts for free. Likewise, the software confirms the fast downloading. Hence, you can download any video within 2 seconds. Another important fact is the software offers three quality levels to download your Twitter videos from high to low. 

TWDOWN is a secure and legal online application that helps to download tweets for free. It is a powerful and fastest saver to download your favorite videos from Twitter. Thus, you can save tweets within a few seconds. Likewise, it helps you to convert Twitter videos to MP3 format online, including music. Also, TDOWN comes with a friendly interface. Hence, you can handle it easily. 

Twitsave is a powerful online Twitter media file downloader. It allows you to save and download your favorite Twitter videos within a few clicks. Likewise, you can convert Twitter videos to MP4 format with its intuitive friendly interface. As well as it helps to get high-quality videos, images, and GIFs from the Twitter platform. 

Twitter Downloader is the best online Twitter media content download that confirms the highest security and stability. It allows you to save and download watermark-free videos in HD quality. Likewise, it supports multi devices and confirms the highest device compatibility. Also, the Twitter video downloader is available for free. Thus, you can download unlimited tweets without any restrictions or limitations. 

As well as Twitter media file downloader confirms the fast downloading. Therefore, within a few seconds, you can get your favorite videos from Twitter. Hence, I recommend you use the Twitter downloader to download tweets from Twitter due to its more advanced features. If so. Let’s see the step guide that you use to download videos from Twitter.

  • Open the Twitter platform to download any video you want to download.
  • Copy the media file URL from the “ share” option or copy the link from the address bar.
  • Paste the copied URL into the input field. Use any web browser to as you like
  • Click on the “Download” button, and select the video quality option from the given list.
  • Tap on the quality to start downloading.

TWSaver is another online Twitter video that supports all mobiles and computers. Likewise, the software is a free solution to download your favorite tweets. As well as it comes with a simple interface and is easy to use. The TWSaver provides three quality options to download your favorite Twitter videos. Hence, you can download Twitter videos in UHD, HD, and SD quality. 

SaveTweetVid is also a free online Twitter media content downloader. You can easily convert and download Twitter videos to MP4, MP3, and GIf files for free. Likewise, SaveTweedVid contains a friendly interface. Hence, you can use it easily. As well as it is compatible with multi devices and confirms the highest device compatibility. 


Here we provide methods to download Twitter videos on computers without using any software. These methods are simple and easy to apply. Hence, now you can download your favorite Twitter videos to computers with a few clicks. If you get details from the acle, don’t forget to share them with your friends. 

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