Red Coral Gemstone – Benefits, Price, and Who Should Wear?

Red coral famously known as the Moonga Stone is used the most in India because this stone is believed to remove the harmful effects of the Mangal Dosh from one’s life. In India, the belief in astrology is high and people check their birth charts to know if the position of the planets is in their favour or not. Mostly, people with mars in a negative position or only a slightly positive position wear this gemstone to gain positiveness in their lives.

The solid red color of the Moonga symbolizes its connection with Mars. The red coral is the most unique gemstone as this is the only gemstone that is found in depths of water bodies rather than being mined from land. Let’s dive deeper into the origin of the stone, how important it is, and what benefits the person will gain after wearing this gemstone.

Astrological Benefits of Red Coral Gemstone

An original red coral gemstone will be very influential in your life and will radiate its energy to you making you gain the positivity around you. Know the many benefits of the red coral gemstone here:

  • The stone will enhance your self-confidence, giving you the required strength and self-esteem you need to take action and responsibility for reaching your goals and aims.

  • Increasing your boldness, it will help you with your management skills and communication skills.

  • Reducing nightmares, stress, anxiety, or depression-like mental disorders the red coral stone will help you be in a better mental health condition.

  • If you have any fears or phobias, the Moonga stone will help you face them.

  • Removing the fogginess and confusion from the person’s mind, the red coral gemstone is known to provide mental clarity to the wearer.

  • The stone is also known to bring peace to you spiritually by helping you focus or concentrate more while you are going through spiritual practice and clearing your mind to assist you in meeting your subconsciousness and figuring things out. Spiritual enlightenment and guidance in the direction of spirit is also an advantage you will get from Red Coral.

  • The red coral benefits include helping the person bring financial stability.

  • The health benefits of the red coral gemstone help in strengthening the heart, improving blood circulation, and maintaining the respiratory health of the wearer.

Who Should Wear Red Coral Stone?

Mars is the ruling planet for the Red coral stone or Moonga Ratna. Mars reflects the adverse effects of it on people’s lives based on its position during their birth. Many people have Mangal Dosh in their birth chart which needs to be taken care of otherwise this dosh can make things difficult for the person. It can bring problems in people’s lives in various aspects, mostly in marriage.

Wearing a natural red coral will neutralize the negative effects of the Mangal Dosh. The energy of the stone will remove all the negative energy and help bring positivity to the wearer’s life.

April is the birth month for the red coral which means people born in this month can benefit greatly by wearing the red coral gemstone. Generally, the red coral stone is also suitable for people born under the zodiac signs Aries, Cancer, Pisces, Leo, and Sagittarius. But before wearing the stone, do consult with an astrologer.

Price of Red Coral Gemstone

The red coral stone price in India starts from INR 500 per carat. But the best quality red corals will range much higher, almost as high as INR 20,000 per carat. There are a lot of differences in the cost because different aspects are involved. The main factors that affect the cost are the quality, size, and weight of the coral stone. Other than that the shape and cut of the stone also encourage the price to differ.


The red coral gemstone with all its beauty and astrological significance is a mysteriously mystic gemstone. This stone with its solid color makes it a gorgeous gemstone. Formed underwater over many years, this stone contains the title of being one of its kind. Also, with the fierceness as well as the calmness and coolness of the gemstone, this stone is the best fit for anyone who needs both boldness and peace in their life.

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