T-Shirt Printing Techniques

T-Shirt Printing Techniques

Digital printing and transfer printing are among the most preferred custom t shirt printing techniques when printing t-shirts. Apart from these two techniques, it is used in techniques such as screen printing and sublimation printing. Although each technique has its own advantages, choosing it according to the area of ​​use and preference ensures correct results.

The biggest advantage of digital printing is that it can be easily applied to any type of fabric. It is a faster printing method as there is no need for efforts such as mold removal. The most important point for the products to be printed with this technique is to work with a professional designer who will ensure that the design is printed in the right size and colors. The printing machine transfers the colors to the fabric in exactly the desired colors. It is possible to be comfortable about color selection when the machine using 5 colors can obtain any color and tone with the mixtures of these 5 colors.

Transfer printing is a printing method that stands out among wet printing methods and is preferred for printing on many textile products with the advantages it provides. The dye used in transfer printing, also known as hot dry printing, has the property of evaporation with heat. The pattern drawn on the paper with the dyestuff is transferred onto the fabric with the application of heat and pressure. This technique has become very popular because it provides advantages over its counterparts in terms of time and permanence.

Screen printing also requires mold removal. For this reason, it is very important in this technique that the design is prepared in detail by professionals. If this printing technique is to be applied, the color of the print and the background to be printed should be well adjusted.

Sublimation printing is a technique applied similarly to transfer printing. In this technique, the pattern is processed on paper and transferred to the fabric with high heat. The reason why this printing is not preferred as much as transfer printing is that it cannot be applied to different types of fabrics other than polyester fabric. Although it is easier than transfer printing, it is a printing technique that falls into the background among manufacturers with this feature.


As a result of the effect of digitalization, printing houses have become able to perform various printing works. Today, the desired patterns can be transferred on various items by using digital printing methods. How to Prepare Design T-ShirtsWhen researched, it is necessary to have knowledge about both digital printing techniques and design studies.

While designing works, it is based on imagination and by making use of design elements. While the designer can benefit from many design elements at this stage, this situation can optionally take shape.

The pattern to be designed will be unique and it is called original because it is unique. The most important feature of the design is that it is unique and there is no second example. Therefore, design products are considered valuable.

How to Prepare a Design T-Shirt?

When designing t-shirts, first of all, it should be decided which materials will be produced. How to Prepare a Design T-Shirt? When researched, it is understood that it is necessary to start with the production material. While the printing technique to be used on the T-shirt should be decided after the preparation process, a printing technique compatible with the production material should be preferred.

First of all, it is necessary to talk about the printing made using the sublimation printing technique on polyester fabrics. With this process, it is possible to transfer the prints made on special papers with sublimation ink onto T-shirts with high temperature presses. This method is used on light colored t-shirts.

It is also possible to print on t-shirts by means of printers that allow printing directly on the fabric. In addition, it is possible to print on the fabric with the screen printing technique. In this way, the desired t-shirt prints are obtained. Since the usage period of the t-shirts will be related to the method to be applied, this issue should be considered when obtaining a design t-shirt.

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